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What are businesses able to do now?

There is no one-size-fits-all for businesses during the pandemic. Here are two areas of communication opportunity for essential businesses and those who are now operating through different procedures due to our shelter-in-place.


What could businesses that are temporarily closed do?
If people don’t see your new blog, story on Facebook or Instagram, or email blast, you’re not visible. If you’re not visible, you don’t exist within the mind of the consumer, and if you don’t exist, that potential customer cannot buy from you.

  • Keep telling your stories.
  • Continue to take active steps toward selling your partial or complete product inventory online.
  • Continue to be digitally present by posting to all your social media.
  • Send email blasts.
  • Post blogs about what you’re doing while temporarily closed.
  • Be in daily dialogue with your customers via social media about what you are doing during this time to ensure safety, cleanliness, and sanitization of your physical store and products, while being temporarily closed and looking forward to opening.


Essential Businesses.
When thinking about essential businesses, our company focuses on companies in the healthcare, manufacturing, and grocery industries. What can essential businesses do within their communication?

  • Let customers know what’s happening on the inside of your business or, in this era, no news doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good news for your business.
  • Show where you are succeeding with relevant website content and photos and stories on your blog and social media.
  • Showcase the safety measures you’ve added to protect your customers and employees, while still doing business and supporting your community
  • Share the blessings. One manufacturing company buys lunch each week and has it delivered to their 170-person staff—other clients make donations to food shelves. When you do this as a business, it’s okay to let people know, in an appropriate way.


When ESPN stopped broadcasting live sports, they didn’t stop entirely. They pivoted and continued broadcasting sports in a new way.


Our challenge as business owners is that we all must continue to find a way.