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Two minute tip to create Monday momentum

Every business can continue taking steps to strengthen customer confidence during the pandemic. Let’s look at these steps from the perspectives of three different types of business:


1) Business that are unable to be open.

  • Think about what you’ve been doing while you’re not open.
  • What plans have you been you working on to reopen or what new ideas do you have?
  • Post these plans to social media daily and weekly so your customers can see your ideas and can begin to anticipate returning.


2) Businesses that are open but at reduced capacity.

This type of business describes us at Strateligent. We’re open, but our daily work life doesn’t look anything like it did in February—everyone is working and meeting remotely.

  • What are you doing to enhance the safety of employees and customers?
  • What are you doing daily to increase peace of mind? (Lately, peace of mind is the new economy.)
  • What is your plan to return to the new normal?
  • Continue to share what you are doing on social media.


3) Businesses that are 100% open.

First of all, thank you for being open! We all appreciate you and your employees.

  • What have you excelled at and what new safety measures have you implemented while being open during the pandemic?
  • Share information on social media about what you’ve learned and what works so we can learn from each other—taking the best practices as we all move forward.
  • Especially share how you have impacted your communities by making a difference.


Continue posting your ideas to social media so your customers can stay informed as they anticipate discovering our new normal.