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Strateligent capitalizes on remote work opportunity

Our Strateligent team has been working remotely for several months now—but you wouldn’t know it. We’ve continued to achieve corporate excellence for our clients even while working differently. We’ve increased productivity, built stronger personal relationships, and made our work environment safer without a physical office. And, as it turns out, we actually like working from our home offices, too.


“A year ago, I never would have imagined we could work so effectively remotely,” said Aaron Hautala, creative director of Strateligent. “Adapting with a victorious mindset—two of our values—has been very good for this business. With this new knowledge and opportunity, we’ve chosen to continue to work from home going forward.”


Being outside the studio hasn’t changed what we do, and it has helped us do it better. Using the latest technology in video-conferencing, instant messaging, and project management has allowed us to continue to collaborate with each other, continue building stronger relationships with our clients through face-to-face virtual meetings, meet tight deadlines, and provide an improved level of customer service. Having flexible work hours has also allowed us to accommodate clients in different time zones more easily.

A win/win for clients and employees.

“Every choice we make is about serving our employees and our clients in the best way possible,” Hautala shared. “Our employees have benefited by working from home—they’ve eliminated their commutes and saved money on fuel, and their flexible schedules have allowed them to spend more time with their families. The reduction in stress, added peace-of-mind, and improved work-life balance has led to increased productivity. We started this as a way to stay safe, and now we’ve found that we’re serving our clients more efficiently, too. It just makes sense to keep that going.”


In-person meetings are here to stay.

Strateligent will continue to offer in-person meetings with our clients when it is safe to do so. We pride ourselves in meeting with both new and long-time clients at their location so that we can get a true understanding of the day-to-day of the business, and that will not change. On-site photography and video services are also available.


Changes bring challenges—but we’re ready for them.

Working virtually will come with some challenges, one being staying connected with our work family within our remote environments. We’re used to watercooler chats, jam sessions, and occasional office shenanigans, but we’re known for adapting and we’re looking forward to weekly Zoom meetings, tailgate happy hours, and picnic lunches (while practicing proper social distancing, of course).


We’re more than four walls.

The studio may have been our gathering place, but it’s not our business. Our business is our people—and where our people are, Strateligent is. From our home offices in Brainerd, Baxter, Cuyuna, Fort Ripley, Nisswa, and Pine River, we will continue to expand our culture of excellence, camaraderie, and customer service, just as we always have.


“We’d like to thank our work family—the core of the business. Without them, nothing is possible,” added Hautala. “And thank you to our clients who understand what it means to adapt and be proactive. We’re taking this step forward to ensure that we continue to serve them in the manner they’ve come to expect.”