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Storytelling: Meaningful. Purposeful. Grounded.

Our first step in working with a new client is developing their communication plan. The plan is created through a focused process we employ in getting to know them, their business, and their customers. Ultimately, the plan presents the cohesive strategy we’ve developed with them to help them reach their goals. Every narrative we create for a client is anchored in the bedrock of their individual communication plan and is centered around their goals, opportunities, and strengths.



After we present the communication plan to the client and they agree with and approve the goals and steps needed to achieve them, our creative director provides direction to the copywriting and design teams via meetings, mind-mapping, mock-ups, and other visual and verbal means. The writers and designers draw inspiration from the insights the creative director has gleaned from meetings and discussions with the client, as well as from the goals set forth in the communication plan. Only then will the writers and designers begin to create meaningful narratives that further the client’s story.



We assist our clients in implementing their communication plan by telling their stories purposefully—in ways that are interesting and understandable—while strategically furthering their marketing goals. We don’t just create content to fill space or to tell a funny story. We craft narratives that will have an effect on the person reading or viewing the content—an effect that encourages them to take action, depending on the media in which the story is presented.



Ultimately, the key to creating a client’s story is keeping it grounded in their goals. We use one consistent voice across various mediums and methods—speaking for them consistently throughout their materials—from copy and design to launching each project according to the marketing timeline. By speaking with a unique voice for each client, we share their individual stories, fulfill their goals, and help to grow their businesses.


Contact us if you’d like assistance in thoroughly and purposefully telling your story.