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GreenhavenStory1Some say, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” At RedHouseMedia, we have a purposeful approach to helping our clients achieve success.
We know what is needed to foster a trusting relationship between a business and its customers, and that means helping a business to stand out in a manner that attracts, not shocks.

It doesn’t take antics or quirkiness for the mere sake of being different—it means highlighting both the creativity and the business acumen of a company.

A multi-year radio ad campaign created by RedHouseMedia for Greenhaven Dental covers both areas of creativity and business sense. We specifically designed the ads to bring about a desired effect—to inject a little humor into going to the dentist, while bringing attention to Greenhaven’s services —letting people know that Dr. Roberts is a trusted professional who provides excellent, stress-free dental care.

Listen to ads:


Before working with RedHouseMedia, Greenhaven Dental had tried tradeshows, newspaper ads, and women’s events, among other markets. The results were minimal and these required a great deal of work. Then they began radio campaigns with RHM, which brought immediate results, as well as being affordable.

RedHouseMedia’s process means we don’t just sell radio ad space to a client. Creating an effective radio campaign begins with a strategy, including knowing which radio stations are best and the optimum times to place the ads to reach your target audience. RedHouseMedia gets it all right—from the radio stations and schedule, to the number of ads to achieve the desired results.

More Greenhaven tooth fairy ads coming soon—tooth under pillow not required.

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