Rejuvenate! Unplugging on the holidays.

What is the old saying about all work and no play leading to a dull life? We’re gearing up for some serious playtime around here at RedHouseMedia, as we anticipate our annual “home for the holidays.”

“In the creative industry, it’s essential to unplug, disconnect, and just stare at the sky for awhile,” said Aaron W. Hautala, owner and creative director of RedHouseMedia. “Put your feet up, sit back, and rest. When Beth and I started RedHouseMedia, it was one of our goals to spend real time with friends and family. In this week-long ‘corporate holiday,’ we extend that opportunity to our entire creative team.”

At RHM, we give more than lip service to our belief in a healthy work/play balance. The studio closes its doors between Christmas and New Year’s—giving our employees a much-deserved break during an otherwise hectic time of year.

So what are RHM employees looking forward to the most during their holiday break? Check out what they had to say:

“Having a week off after the hustle and bustle of Christmas is amazing. I’m looking forward to relaxing at home, and probably honing my Mario Kart skills!” —Heidi Lake

“I love having the week after Christmas off, because it gives me the opportunity to go home to Germany for Christmas.” —Jana Baecker

“I’m looking forward to sleeping in, taking my son to the new Star Wars movie, catching up on home projects, taking some private time for reflection, and lots of time with friends and family!” —Bryan Petersen

“Christmas is a really big holiday for my family so it’s fantastic to have the extra time. With our five kids, we spend time at the hockey rink, sledding, and playing in the snow, followed by hot chocolate and Christmas cookies. It’s like living in a Norman Rockwell Christmas painting! Also, this year we’ll observe our own Lego Day holiday—spending all day building stuff from our massive Lego collection.” —Dain Erickson

“With extra time to enjoy the family and grandkids, we’ll be able to relax and savor the moments rather than feel rushed to pack it all in. Can’t wait!” —Jodi Schwen

“I enjoy having more time to see my family over the holidays.” —Courtney Gran

“I’m looking forward to spending quality time with family in food-and-eggnog-induced comas, while awaiting that exact moment when we remember there is a limit to how much eggnog we should drink. And I’m looking forward to eating fruitcake. No, wait. That part is definitely a lie.” —Taylor Finger

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