Meet Cory Johnson, our new graphic designer.

Meet Cory Johnson, our new graphic designer.

Meet Cory Johnson, RedHouseMedia’s new graphic designer and dedicated Harley rider. With a bachelor’s degree in design technology—including graphic design, digital media, and exhibit design—plus three years of professional graphic design experience in the gaming industry, Cory will provide our clients with a wide range of design products, from print to web and video. Read on to learn more about the newest member of our creative team!


Q: How did you end up as a graphic designer?

A: As a kid, I loved playing video games. When I became interested in how they worked, it led to an interest in computers. I also loved art and was always drawing or making something. When my art teacher told me a career in graphic design combined art and computers—I was hooked!


Q: You grew up in Rochester, so how did you end up going to college in Bemidji?

A: I guess I can thank (or blame!) the weather. My family was vacationing near Bemidji and on a rainy day with nothing else to do, I decided to check out the campus. That was all it took. I’ve always loved the northwoods and Bemidji had it all with the lake and trees—and a great graphic design program.


Q: What kind of art do you do in your free time?

A: I hang out with family and friends in the summer, so not much art happens then. This may sound a little odd, but my yard has a lot of rocks and I like stacking them. Finding and positioning the perfect rock in the perfect spot is relaxing. I enjoy digital painting on my Wacom tablet as well—especially pet portraits. And just for fun, I’m working on a bottle cap mosaic of “The Great Wave” (a Japanese painting). I ran out of white bottle caps to finish a wave section, though. They’re harder to come by. If anyone has any, let me know!


Q: Tell us about your family.

A: My girlfriend, Ashley, is a cosmetologist and we live south of Brainerd with our two cats. When we got Ziggy from HART, he was named Colton. As we thought about what to rename him, our friend, Adam, kept calling him “Kevin.” We finally named him Ziggy after a Ziggy Marley tune. When we got our second cat, part Maine coon, I told Ashley, “You know we need to name him Kevin, don’t you?”


Q: We’ve heard you rumble down the street when you’re coming to work. Tell us about your sweet ride.

A: It’s a Harley Davidson 2012 Heritage Softail, with a 103 cubic inch (1690cc) motor. I bought it used from a local pilot, so it was in immaculate condition with only 5,800 miles. It rides like a Cadillac compared to my old Harley Sportster.


Q: You said your new loud pipes help with road safety?

A: I’ve always said that loud pipes save lives. When someone begins merging into my lane, I crack the throttle and they know I’m there. I also changed the air cleaner for one that brings more air in so it cools down quicker and will go faster.


Q: How fast could it go?

A: It could hit 95–100 mph if I opened it up.

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