Getting to Know Emalee Hedberg.

Getting to Know Emalee Hedberg.

Emalee Hedberg is RedHouseMedia’s newest graphic designer. Emalee has a bachelor’s degree in graphic communications and mass communication, and brings three years of experience in both for-profit and nonprofit businesses. She has an eye for detail in designing print and web materials and a love for animals, antiques and sports. Let’s learn a little more about Emalee:


Q: Where did your interest in graphic design begin?

A: I took an elective yearbook class as a junior in high school. During the course, I was elected to be the editor and I held that position for two years. The whole yearbook experience showed me what I wanted to do with my life.


Q: What stood out for you about graphic design?

A: I was always fascinated by the way images could tell stories and express different messages. I love solving problems with visual solutions and the challenge of a new design concept—the way a font can make or break a design and how colors portray moods.


Q: When you attended college at Minnesota State University Moorhead, did your interest in graphic design grow?

A: Yes, I declared my major immediately. Since I already knew what I wanted to do, I jumped in on the tech side of the computer classes right away and began learning the design programs from start to finish.


Q: Have you always lived in Pine River?

A: We moved to Pine River when I was in fifth grade and I lived there until I went off to college. Before fifth grade, we moved six times in 12 years because my dad was an opening manager for Menard’s. He would get a new store up and running and then we’d move to the next one. We lived in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Wisconsin again. It was nice to settle down and make the Brainerd Lakes area our home.


Q: Tell us about your family.

A: I’ve been married to Sam for four years—his family is also from Pine River. We met at the cast party for the school musical “Annie” and we became high school sweethearts. We have two cats that are 5-year-old siblings, Boe and Benji, and a 1-year-old Australian shepherd, Beesly. He was named after Pam Beesly from “The Office” because that is my favorite show!


Q: Do you have any hobbies?

A: I love playing and coaching volleyball. Sam and I enjoy living in the country where we can go ATVing on dirt roads and in the pastures. We’re also hooked on watching college football. Our New Year’s tradition is to rent a hotel room, order in pizza, and binge-watch the college bowl games! I also taught myself to crochet from YouTube and I enjoy making blankets as gifts. When I worked at Youth for Christ, I discovered that the work is never done. I learned it helps to have a hobby that includes something you can actually finish!


Photo credit: Laura Arends

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