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Extend Reach, Build Awareness, and Achieve Goals with a Strategic Rebrand

Small businesses grow. Sometimes they outgrow their brand. A lot had changed since Michael Ryan and Wesley Hoppe founded Ryan & Hoppe Investment Management in 2010—they’d added a new partner, were opening a new location, and had plans for more growth. They wanted a new identity that embodied those changes, yet continued to represent their goals, vison, and mission.


Strateligent was hired to create a communication plan for a complete rebrand—a new name, a new brand logo, an arsenal of communication tools (i.e., a billboard, direct mail letter, signage, digital assets for the web), and a coordinated plan to launch the new identity.


Creating a name.

The firm’s name, Ryan & Hoppe Investment Management, incorporated founders Michael Ryan and Wesley Hoppe—then Jennifer Smith, director of client services, joined the team. It was time for a simplified identity.


“Our decision to rebrand was about allowing us to expand and add quality team members to our firm,”

said Michael Ryan. “We wanted our brand to convey that when you work with us, you get a collaborative, team-based approach to managing wealth.”


They were a local business with deep roots in the area and throughout the state, but they also served clients across the country. The new brand had to enhance that national presence, retain the hometown feel, and position the business as the premier wealth management firm in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

The Strateligent team presented many options, carefully avoiding names sounding similar to other area businesses, specifically those that played on location or natural resources(e.g., “Lakes”). The result was a name that honors all three team members (Tri), exemplifies strength (ton), and encompassed the depth of their financial services (Wealth). Triton Wealth. The partners approved.


Designing a logo.

Our graphic designers crafted a fresh, contemporary brand logo. The colors represented life, growth, and trust. The design was clean, polished, and not bound by geography—worthy

of being respected in downtown Aitkin or downtown Minneapolis.


Telling a story.

Our copywriters helped craft a letter to current clients that announced the name change and

positively positioned the rebrand. Strateligent also produced a press release that told a story of exciting new growth and change for the firm.


Rolling out the tools.

To preserve the brand integrity of a well-established firm and avoid confusion, Strateligent coordinated the simultaneous release of the new communication tools.


“In the first week, we saw a well-orchestrated effort to get the word out. The team at Strateligent was instrumental in helping to prepare for this,” said Ryan. “Coordinating all new identities for domains, emails, website, social media, signage, billboards, stationery, and so much more was a big job, but with their help, it was a huge success.”


The communication plan called for a new billboard on Highway 169, direct mail to customers, new signage on the building, new signage on office suites, a new website identity, a new social media identity, and a newspaper story to all go live on the same day, at the same time.


“All of those items hit at the same time. It was terribly hard, it was nearly impossible, but of course, we did it,” recalled Aaron Hautala, creative director and owner of Strateligent. “Moving parts are our specialty, and doing what most run away from is what wakes us up in the morning.” .


Seeing the results.

On day one, Triton received positive feedback from clients and others familiar with the firm—a solid affirmation that the efforts to rebrand were worth the time and preparation. By the end of the first month, it was back to business as usual, only under a more appropriate name and identity.


“Our new identity has reinforced who we are, what we do, who we serve, and how we do it,” Ryan reiterated. “Our tagline, ‘Plan today. Thrive Tomorrow.’ encompasses our approach to wealth management and points to our holistic, planning-based approach in working with clients to achieve their goals.”


Triton Wealth is proof that small businesses can generate growth and a national presence with the right tools—goals, vison, and a solid communication plan. It’s more than a new brand logo. It’s strategic growth through intelligent design. It’s what we do at Strateligent.