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Core talents drive results (with the right tools)

We live by our values (Healthy, Trustworthy, Collaborative, Victorious Mindset, Adaptable, Proactive, Peacemakers). But there’s more—some call it our superpowers, we call it our core talents. It’s what makes us a successful full-stack agency. It’s who we are, what we do, and why we do it well. Intuitive and fact-driven, future-building, and making it happen—these abilities get results and keep our clients coming back.


Intuitive + fact-driven.

We take a unique approach to finding marketing solutions: Psychology—the bedrock of each and every campaign. Everything we do is based on how we know people react and respond, come together, or fall apart. Our experience with a variety of campaigns targeted toward diverse audiences in multiple market segments has fine-tuned our intuition. Our natural-born instincts act as our initial North Star—guiding us toward messaging that resonates with the right people. Then we apply proven strategies and continuously monitor and compare to successful metrics to make sure we’re on track to get results.

“Working with the Strateligent team has enhanced the way we position our services. Their extensive healthcare marketing experience has helped increase relationships with our community, ensuring that people know we have solutions to their medical concerns. Our relationship with Strateligent is truly a collaborative, team approach, where we strategize and make decisions together—they understand and appreciate that it’s not just about increasing patients, it’s about improving people’s lives.” – Liz Dean, Executive Director of Strategy and Marketing, Riverwood Healthcare Center



Create the future—because if you wait for it, you may be left behind. That’s why we’re always looking ahead. Our ability to be forward-thinking allows us to adapt quickly to changes in technology and society—most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic. During the stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders, our team was looking ahead to the reopening of our local economies and setting the tone to build consumer confidence, helping businesses recover quickly, and keeping people safe.


We brought together local healthcare organizations, cities, government entities, chambers of commerce, philanthropic organizations, and businesses, to create Lake Country Cares, a COVID-19 safety campaign designed to build trust among residents, visitors, and local businesses—the first of its kind in Minnesota. In an extremely short amount of time, our Strateligent team was able to bring regional players together, build a strategy, create digital marketing campaigns and traditional marketing collateral, and obtain approvals.


The Lake Country Cares campaign was designed to bring our local communities together in the fight against COVID-19 by promoting safe practices to keep our residents and visitors safe and our businesses open. This required a huge united effort on multiple fronts to be successful. Strateligent not only brought a pre-existing network of clients and peers, but they were also able to establish unity of thought across tourism, healthcare, government units, and main street and major employers, to craft messaging that resonated with everyone. The campaign execution was efficient, effective, goal oriented—and it worked. We now have more than 100 businesses that have submitted their COVID-19 preparedness plans and are working hard to keep our communities safe.”—Tim Houle, Crow Wing County Administrator


Making it happen.

For us, communicating with purpose means more than simply handing over a new logo or polished website. It’s developing a strategy, using it, and making it happen. How do we do it? It’s about knowing how to ask the right questions. We listen—not only hear, but really listen—and dig deep for a solution. When we stop long enough to really listen, we digest, and we assess. That’s when we draw on our experience, past results, and benchmarks of success to uncork a client-specific strategy that builds customer momentum.


We’ve been working with Strateligent for a while because they continue to make it happen for us. After applying their strategy and branding to the same brats, links, and patties we’d been selling for years, we saw a 30% growth in sales. Most recently, they also assisted with promoting our new grocery delivery service—a much needed service in the community during the pandemic—and it’s been extremely successful, thanks, in part, to their ability to get the word out.”—Mike Paulbeck, Creator of Wildcraft Meats and Owner of Paulbeck’s County Market


And a stacked toolbox.

As a full-stack digital marketing agency, our core is supported by a talented team and the right tools to execute any mix of digital marketing and traditional campaigns—copywriting, graphic design, ecommerce, SEM, SEO, SMM, email, web design, as well as traditional print, radio, and outdoor.


Strateligent provides more than advertising and marketing collateral—we give clients a strategic plan to get results and communicate with purpose.