Child and Teen Checkups Receives Recognition

Child and Teen Checkups Receives Recognition

At RedHouseMedia, powerful communication begins with a question. “Why?”


Our client, Crow Wing County, recently received statewide “Best Practices” marketing recognition from the Minnesota Department of Health for our Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC) Facebook ad campaign. But it didn’t start with an award-winning idea . . .


C&TC initially asked us to create a movie theater ad to reach the families who qualify for the program. Naturally, we asked, “why?”


In asking “why” and discussing the needs of the campaign further, it became clear that even though numerous other counties were doing it, movie theater advertising wasn’t the best route to reach the specific C&TC audience.


“When a client comes to us with an idea, we look at their needs and see what would make the most impact on their business or organization,” said Aaron Hautala, owner of RedHouseMedia. “Is there a better way to help them reach their target audience? Oftentimes, the answer is yes.”

In this case, we recommended that C&TC use social media to speak to their audience. We created a Facebook ad campaign using motion graphics videos and illustrated ads to grab the attention of parents whose children could benefit from the program.


The campaign gave parents easy access (from their smartphones!) to the healthcare services available to their children, and resulted in heightened awareness and increased website traffic for the program—not to mention the recognition from the Minnesota Department of Health.

Now other Minnesota counties are looking to Crow Wing County to see what’s next. And it all began with “Why.”


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