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Communication Strategy

Strategic Graphic Design Leads to Stable Branding

Close Converse started providing commercial real estate services throughout Central and North-Central Minnesota in 1995—it was time to modernize their brand. With Strateligent’s help, they recently relaunched their brand with a new logo, fresh signage, and a revamped web design.   More than a logo design. Our creative process involves our clients, their stakeholders, and the Strateligent creative team working together to create communication that serves a purpose. We don’t just brainstorm graphic design ideas; we create a blueprint for brand strategy that delivers results. Close Converse knew what they wanted—a logo that was recognizable and professionally modern. We knew they needed more than just that to effectively market...

A communication plan is your foundation

You wouldn’t construct a building without a solid foundation, but many people begin building a business brand without a plan. A communication plan is your foundation—it defines who your company is and how others see you. It presents a consistent message for business owners and stakeholders so the way they present the company is always clear, honest (no spin!), and on target.   What is a communication plan and what is its role in defining your business?   See what Aaron Hautala, owner and creative director at Strateligent, has to say about communication plans in the video above....