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The power of communication

When RedHouseMedia began, Facebook was just getting started. Twitter didn’t even exist. No one had smart phones, and Google was just a baby. Back then, a well-designed newspaper ad, a handful of business cards and a brochure were all many businesses needed to succeed. How...

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Rejuvenate! Unplugging on the holidays.

What is the old saying about all work and no play leading to a dull life? We’re gearing up for some serious playtime around here at RedHouseMedia, as we anticipate our annual “home for the holidays.” “In the creative industry, it’s essential to unplug, disconnect,...

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RHM Brings the Right Results

Some say, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” At RedHouseMedia, we have a purposeful approach to helping our clients achieve success. We know what is needed to foster a trusting relationship between a business and its customers, and that means helping a business to stand...

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