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Operations Manager

Now hiring—Operations Manager

About the Job

Strateligent® is seeking an experienced Operations Manager who will help our advertising agency, public relations firm with Leadership, Workflow Process Development, Staff Development, and Operational Scaling. The Operations Manager is the “left brain” to our creative director’s “right brain.” Our ideal candidate is someone with a strategic mindset and experience in marketing and agency operations, as well as proven ability to manage day-to-day operations. They must be motivated by the growth of revenue and building successful relationship with both staff and clients.


Operations Manager Capabilities:

  • The Operations Manager’s primary strength will be to develop relationships and being a positive agent of change within the company.
  • The Operations Manager will be naturally gifted at and derive energy and joy from providing others with encouragement and assistance for projects and tasks. An intuitive, empathic advisor and team player. Selfless and compassionate in providing others with what they need in the right way.
  • The Operations Manager will be a taskmaster extraordinaire. Willing to push and remind others, and dive in themselves, to ensure that things get done. A reliable, prudent, and focused doer. A unique combination of practical urgency and intuitive judgment. Naturally gifted at and deriving energy and joy from pushing projects and tasks through to completion to ensure that the desired results are achieved.



  • Create structure and discipline to arrive at clear data around time and cost for a given project.
  • Establish, implement and manage a cross-functional workflow process.
  • Solve problems through analytical thinking, operational efficacy and kindness.
  • Instill operational excellence within the creative team.
  • Strong bias for action: willingness to troubleshoot, and resilience to push for success.
  • Ensure that creative development schedules, budgets, and quality standards are being met.
  • Excellence in interpersonal relationship building and problem-solving skills.
  • Culture-builder, amplifying and strengthening vision, mission, and values.


Workflow Process Development

  • Audit our project management and scheduling tools and processes, finding efficiency through improved scheduling, project management opportunity, and defining processes.
  • Facilitate timely and clear communication between the creative director, creative development team, clients, and external partners.
  • Ensure the creative development team is resourced and scheduled appropriately for upcoming projects and has been provided accurate details to complete those assignments (Creative Brief, Assets, Resources, Budget, Timeline).
  • Audit Creative Brief, Intake for efficiency, effectiveness.
  • Lead weekly/monthly project update meetings with a pre-approved agenda and established outcomes. (Client facing meetings, staff facing meetings)
  • Establish and document processes and procedures and help centralize resources and assets for ease of access.
  • Provide proofs to clients through project management applications, take client feedback and implement within the creative development process and structure.
  • Manage and oversee creative workflow, continuous improvement, lean


Staff Development

The Operations Manager will supervise:

  • 1) Project Manager
  • (1) Copy Writer
  • (2) Graphic Designers
  • Numerous creative and production partners and vendors.


The Operations Manager will report to:

  • Creative Director, Owner
  • Chief Financial Officer, Human Resources, Owner

The primary strength this individual will need to bring is developing relationship and being a positive agent of change within the company.

Additional Staff Development responsibilities include:

  • Support onboarding and training for staff across Strateglient in order to educate colleagues on the creative request process, tools, and technology.
  • Solve, diffuse, and de-escalate issues with the creative development team, clients, and partners.
  • Performance reviews with creative staff (employees and contractors).
  • Manage time off requests and available PTO from creative staff (employees and contractors).
  • Contribute to the planning of team events and culture-building opportunities.


Operational Scaling

  • Determine how much new Business Development can be pursued, when, and what the tipping points are for needing more resources. (How much can we do, by when?)
  • Manage creative development team, vendors, and agency partners to help scale our team, including budget management.
  • Refine, improve, and scale our creative process to enhance speed and quality of delivery
  • Represent the team’s budget, capabilities, capacity, and constraints.
  • Create a process for hiring and onboarding freelance/contract creative resources.
  • Provide cost estimates and timelines for creative deliverables.


Benefits/Rewards Beyond the Pay Scale

  • Work with clients who are looking to positively impact their community
  • Work with locally owned client businesses that are integral to the communities they serve
  • Ability to work remote, or ability to work in Cuyuna, home to world-class mountain bike trails
  • Work with a wide range of client industries
  • Starting PTO at 21 days
  • Health (major medical) insurance included


Operations Manager will be an advocate/ambassador for our company vision, mission, and values:

  • Vision: Improve the future for our clients, our communities, and ourselves. Emotionally. Economically.
  • Mission: Communicate with the sole purpose of positively changing hearts and impacting minds. Strategic. Purposeful. Powerful.
  • Values: Clarity. Hungry. Driven. Resilient.


About Strateligent

Strateligent is a Central Minnesota-based advertising agency that has been serving clients from around the U.S. for the last 19 years. Our focus is within the healthcare, government, K-12 education, high-tech manufacturing, artisan makers, destination tourism, and destination development industries. We’re a mighty blend of storytellers, project managers, copywriters, graphic designers, web development, social media, video production, and digital marketing strategists. We have talent in the deep end of creative, strategy, and project management. We communicate and think differently to provide our clients with the most effective and efficient creative solutions.


Next Steps

If you meet the above qualifications and experience, please send your resume via the application below.


Our Vision

Improve the future for our clients, our communities, and ourselves. Emotionally. Economically.

Our Mission

Communicate with the sole purpose of positively changing hearts and impacting minds. Strategic. Purposeful. Powerful.

Our Values

Clarity. Hungry. Driven. Resilient.

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