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Graphic/Web Designer

Now hiring—Graphic/Web Designer

About the Job

Strateligent® is hiring an experienced graphic/web designer to join our team. This is not an entry-level position. The Graphic Designer reports directly to our Creative Director and Project Manager, and will be responsible for taking ideas from concept to execution with efficiency and excellence.

Contract Details:

• This is a 40-hour per week position.
• The hourly rate will be determined based on experience, industry credentials, and efficiency.
• No paid time off or benefits are included within this contract.
• Contractor to provide their own workstation and software.
• Remote work
• Available as at-will, 6 month contract employment.


Creative Development Process —Job Summary

Working within a pre-determined set of time per project, the Graphic Designer will take assigned client projects from the Creative Director and or Project Manager’s initial discussion/direction to full design, production, and finalization, counting on his or her talent, originality, and imagination. During the cycle of each project the Graphic Designer will collaborate with the Project Manager, Copywriter, Creative Director, and fellow Designers, being open and amiable to constructive criticism and overall internal and client feedback/edits on concept/design/production issues. The Graphic Designer will work within the understanding that the Creative Director and Client has the ultimate call and final decision on a project’s overall final aesthetics.

The Graphic Designer will also work within the understanding of graphic design being one component of powerful communication. At Strateligent, a priority is placed on the words/story/narrative first, and the work of the graphic design is to best serve that message. Graphic design at Strateligent is to not overtake the message.

The Graphic Designer will be responsible for maintaining and improving client communication. Whether communication takes place via Basecamp, eMail, or Zoom, customer interaction is of the greatest importance, as clients of Strateligent have come to expect this as their norm.

Each project the Graphic Designer is assigned will be recorded in a billable format via Function Fox (online timecard). This record is an essential time accountability that is necessary for accurate project proposals and final project billing. The Graphic Designer is accountable each day to enter and record their time rendered on Strateligent projects via Function Fox. The Graphic Designer will be accountable for managing their pre-determined allotted time wisely within the hours permitted per project in addition to the overall timeline/deadline/schedule and other projects currently in production as assigned by the Project Manager. Multi-tasking is a must.

Graphic Designer Recommended Software Proficiency

• Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop
• Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator
• Adobe Creative Suite: InDesign
• Constant Contact
• WordPress

Qualifications for Graphic Designer

• A BS degree in Graphic Design or related field is strongly desired
• 5 years ad agency, or self-owned business experience
• A compelling portfolio with projects showcasing skills that are relevant to your business’s visual content goals.

Graphic Designer Responsibilities

• Creative conception and originality of artwork, brainstorming as a group, or individually
• Designing digital artwork for client presentation
• Mastery of industry-standard software to create logos, design reports and complete other projects.
• The ability to clearly communicate the reasoning behind design choices.
• Study creative briefs and determine requirements
• Schedule projects and define budget constraints, design artwork per the time budget and schedule provided.
• Conceptualize visuals based on requirements
• Prepare rough drafts and present ideas
• Develop illustrations, logos and other designs using software or by hand
• Developing digital negatives, color correction, image enhancement
• Use the appropriate colors and layouts for each graphic
• Collaborating with copywriter, graphic designers and creative director to gain client approval
• Test graphics across various media
• Amend designs after feedback
• Schedule own to-dos on demand to accomplish feedback and new requests
• Take detailed notes during review meetings, creative development meetings
• Ensure final graphics and layouts are visually appealing and on-brand
• Troubleshoot digital equipment and networks
• Color correcting, editing, and high resolution manipulation of digital photographs.
• Working knowledge of the offset printing process via CMYK and Spot PMS is also required.
• Working knowledge of the RGB color space will be necessary regarding photography manipulation  and digital media
• Ensure cross-medium color management and accuracy is also a high responsibility of this position.
• Staying abreast of computer software/hardware, technology capabilities and innovations.
• Keeping all client and Strateligent business, artwork, marketing and strategy information confidential
• Be at all times, on the job, a positive representation of the Strateligent values.
• Other responsibilities to be assigned.

Graphic Designer Skills Needed

• Knowledge of design techniques, tools, and principles
• Typography knowledge
• Multimedia content development
• Media production, communication, and dissemination techniques
• Understanding browser capabilities
• Creativity and originality
• Fluency of ideas
• Attention to detail
• Adaptability, flexibility
• Collaboration
• Organization, ability to juggle multiple projects
• Self directed
From time to time, extra effort will be requested of the Graphic Designer in order to complete the projects of Strateligent. As our business functions on deadlines and multiple projects running at all times, it is impossible to predict exact times during the year as is possible in the advertising industry. Each project will be assigned a deadline, it will be up to the Graphic Designer to identify when extra effort is deemed necessary to complete projects on time to meet scheduled deadlines.

About Strateligent

Strateligent is a Central Minnesota-based advertising agency that has been serving clients from around the U.S. for the last 19 years. Our focus is within the healthcare, government, K-12 education, high-tech manufacturing, artisan makers, destination tourism, and destination development industries. We’re a mighty blend of storytellers, project managers, copywriters, graphic designers, web development, social media, video production, and digital marketing strategists. We have talent in the deep end of creative, strategy, and project management. We communicate and think differently to provide our clients with the most effective and efficient creative solutions.

Next Steps

If you meet the above qualifications and experience, please send your resume and portfolio, including your WordPress-designed websites, via the application below.


Our Vision

Improve the future for our clients, our communities, and ourselves.

Our Mission

Communicate with the sole purpose of positively changing hearts and impacting minds.

Our Values

  • Healthy
  • Trustworthy
  • Collaborative
  • Victorious Mindset
  • Adaptable
  • Proactive
  • Peacemakers

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