Thank you for your interest in a career at Strateligent®.

We hope you’ve taken the time to peruse our website, learning more about us and the work we do.


Below you’ll find our open positions and an online job application. First, though, we encourage you to consider our company’s Vision, Mission, and Values.

Our Vision. (Why we exist)

Improve the future for our clients, our communities, and ourselves.

Our Mission. (How we will accomplish our vision)

Communicate with the sole purpose of positively changing hearts and impacting minds.

Daily we operate within our values of being Healthy, Trustworthy, Collaborative, Adaptable, Proactive, Peacemakers, as well as having a Victorious Mindset, and Perpetuating Positivity.

Our Values. (How we engage with each other and our community)


Creativity starts with personal health. From the food we consume to the activity we provide our bodies, how we treat our body will impact our ability to create on a daily basis.


-At Strateligent® we encourage our employees to consume food that fuels, not fills, and to participate physical exercise on a consistent basis.


-We also provide our employees an annual corporate holiday to rest, relax, and rejuvenate their personal being.


-Lastly, we advocate for our employees to use their annual vacation in full as “time away” allowing the creative heart to grow stronger.


At Strateligent® our default setting is believing our employees are doing their best, every day.


-We each create our work under the belief quality is king, and experience is everything.


-We provide our employees autonomy to set their hours and schedule with their teammates, and to record their hours worked each week outside of management oversight.


-Within this extension of trust, we believe our business will excel, grow, and inspire greatness.


Many hands make light creative work.


-We create meaningful solutions that inspire a preferred future together.

Victorious Mindset

-We are hired to solve problems.



-We engage in these projects through the lens of “possibility” and “what could be” not “what is.”



-Positivity in the face of adversity is a must, we believe the impossible isn’t, we believe there is always a solution.



-We will perpetuate positivity within our daily interactions with our team, with our clients.



-We will attract future teammates and clients through our positivity.



-As a magnet attracts metal, our victorious mindset will draw us to our preferred future.


Communication is constantly evolving.



-We commit ourselves to being an agent of change, perpetually growing, pushing ourselves further.



-Never being OK with OK, and believing status quo is undesirable.



-We also understand that each creative person is different and will work together in collaboration, maximizing each other’s strengths and minimizing weaknesses.


-We think ahead.


-We anticipate.


-We cannot procrastinate.


-We are to be one step ahead of our clients’ needs.


-Our communication must set the playing field, not respond to it.


Conflict and crisis are natural ingredients to creative and communication work managed by deadlines.


-We believe that in order to achieve our vision we must seek to make peace.


-We cannot peace fake, nor peace break.


-We will confront conflict and problems directly, speaking through them in love, finding the best possible win/win solution

A little more about us.

Strateligent® History

Strateligent® History


Strateligent® (originally known as RedHouseMedia) was founded by Aaron and Beth Hautala in 2004 in the front porch of their home — the original Red House. Today we reside in Studio (218) at the Franklin Arts Center in Brainerd, Minnesota, but our vision remains the same: Improve the future for our clients, our communities, and ourselves.


We use powerful communication to rally businesses, organizations, and communities together, creating a purpose-built future — a new normal based on goals and objectives.


We currently have 6 full-time employees who help us press our company vision forward, serving clients throughout the Upper Midwest and Pacific Northwest, and are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our in-house creative team.

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits


Flexible Schedules
We recognize the fact that everyone has their own creative hot zone. Maybe you’re a morning person, maybe not. Because of this, employees have the ability to create their own hours of operation providing they arrive by 10 each morning and work a 40-hour week. This allows everyone to work while their creativity is peaked.


Home for the Holidays
Strateligent® provides each staff member paid vacation (in addition to annual vacation) from December 24 through January 1. Our hope is that employees take this time to relax, spend time with those they love, and enjoy the Christmas season.


Dress Code
We ask our employees to dress in ways that build relationships and enhance trust. Some may call it business casual, but basically, just know your audience. If you have a meeting with a CEO, dress up. If you’re in the office all day, jeans are OK. Dress smart. Dress Sharp. Dress trustworthy.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance


Strateligent® provides major medical insurance to employees at no cost to the employee. Strateligent® also invests $50/month ($600/year) into a health savings account for each employee.

Available positions.

We are not hiring for any positions at this time.