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Building A Brand To Build A Better Future

Working with RIPL to prevent school violence, together.

Our mission is to improve the future for our clients, our communities, and ourselves—and what better way to make good on our mission than helping RIPL (Relational, Impactful, Preventive, Leadership) Training—a school violence prevention program—transform their image, positioning, and sales process.


National School Safety Consulting, LLC’s RIPL Training focuses on a “Recognize and Prevent” approach that produces a safe, inclusive, and positive culture that prevents school violence and suicide. It’s different. It needed to look and feel different, too.


RIPL came to us for help rebuilding their entire brand—updating everything from their website to their employee email signatures. We refreshed their logo, revised the tagline, re-energizing the positioning statement, and created easily digestible content for multiple audiences: administrators, teachers and staff, parents, and students.



During a thorough review of the program and discussions with the client, we uncovered pain points and areas of opportunity within the sales process. Using that information, our team developed tools that foster a more intuitive ask and sell. We restructured and/or created an entire suite of sales collateral including tradeshow materials, leave-behind folders and flyers, various toolkits, posters, and built a new, modern website. Through value- and benefits- based messaging, the new collateral helped to show school districts how they can help their students in more ways than just preventing violence.

We also redesigned—and in some cases, developed—tools for teachers, including easy-to-follow behavioral intervention flowcharts for middle and high school, helpful resources about mental health, and creative and fun posters to keep RIPL messaging top-of-mind.


The final deliverables resulted in client approval, engagement, and excitement.


“Strateligent was able to take my vision and transform it into instructional material and sales collateral that is clear, informational, and visually stunning,” said Ben Rudrud, RIPL founder. “I’m thrilled with the end result. We’re now able to provide teachers with even more useful tools and classroom resources to create a culture of inclusion, improve students’ mental health, and prevent school violence.”