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Jodi Schwen

All in a Day’s Work: Jodi Schwen

Crafting relatable content.

Strateligent copywriter Jodi Schwen cocoons herself in her craft—her office an impressive home library filled with her collection of hundreds of classic and popular works (including one she authored). It’s a source of inspiration and motivation as she creates content for websites, newsletters, social media, email, blogs, news releases, video scripts, and print ads.

Jodi SchwenFrom passion to profession
“I’ve loved writing my whole life, ever since I picked up a pencil,” shared Jodi, who will also tell you she has a favorite font (Calibri), appreciates an appropriately placed em dash, and is team Oxford comma.

She turned her passion for writing into a professional development opportunity, earning two degrees in communication, including a master’s. This extensive education, along with her knack for communicating clearly and concisely, makes Jodi an invaluable asset to the Strateligent content development team.

“Jodi is a skilled copywriter and storyteller,” said Aaron Hautala, Strateligent creative director. “She has a command of the English language that allows her to connect with people through words. She crafts compelling copy that causes audiences to feel and act.”

Experience begets excellence
With more than 30 years of experience in writing and editing, Jodi shines in creating messages for diverse audiences—altering tone and voice to best suit the medium and client. It’s common for her to write lighthearted social media posts and serious blogs for our clients in healthcare, destination tourism, education, and government.

“Understanding the voice of the client is important,” Jodi explained. “Writing for healthcare requires a different tone and message than writing for a recreation client. Once I understand the details of the message and its intent, I focus on creating an engaging hook to draw in the reader as quickly and in as few words as possible.”

As a copywriter, her strength is storytelling, but she also excels at research. Whether it be healthcare provider interviewers or taking a deep dive into industry-specific blog topics, Jodi embraces the opportunity to learn new things and deliver valuable content to audiences.

“I like interviewing healthcare providers and learning about what they enjoy and what their job entails,” Jodi commented. “Digging into who they are as a person and sharing their personal side makes it easier to tell their stories in an authentic, relatable way that helps patients feel more comfortable.”

Relationship building for optimal results
Our clients will tell you that they trust Jodi. Trust her to provide quality writing, trust her eye for detail and proofreading, and trust her process will result in engaging content that is on brand. She builds this trust by building relationships with our clients—gaining a deep understanding of their business, their customers, and their goals. Our clients feel comfortable providing honest feedback to help Jodi finesse the messaging for a final product that gets results.

“I appreciate the team effort when writing for a client—they treat me like a colleague who is on the same team,” Jodi explained. “When they like something I’ve written or edited for them, it makes me feel like a valued part of helping them to reach their goals and that’s what it’s all about.”