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All in a Day’s Work: Derek Cobb

Derek Cobb, Operations Manager

We welcome Derek Cobb, operations manager, to the Strateligent team. With a proven track record in process improvement and a passion for optimizing operations, Derek joins our fully remote team and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to focus on productivity and value-added efficiency.

Derek’s primary objective is to contribute to the overall success of both the Strateligent team and the business as a whole. With a career spanning two decades, including 13 years in operations management, Derek has honed his skills in providing data-based answers as a problem-solver, as well as overseeing and managing budgets, and participating in the budgeting process.

As Derek focuses on enhancing efficiency and effectiveness, process improvement plays a significant role. He is also a problem-solver and a reliable source of answers for the team with the goal of contributing to the overall success of both the Strateligent team and the business as a whole.

“When looking at Strateligent’s company values, ‘resilience’ resonates with me,” said Derek. “As an operations manager, I understand that in order to implement solutions, challenges and opportunities are inevitable. It’s important to navigate them effectively. Resilience defines my approach, ensuring I’m always prepared to face challenges and seize opportunities.”

Derek’s fascination with logic, facts, and data has fueled his passion for providing valuable insights and optimizing operations. This approach will be instrumental in enhancing performance and making workflows even more efficient, effective, and optimized at Strateligent.

“As our operations manager, Derek is gifted in staff and process development, operational efficiency, business performance, and delivering added value to our clients,” said Aaron Hautala, Strateligent’s Creative Director, Co-founder, and CEO. “He will be invaluable in enhancing cross-department collaboration and effectiveness across our sales, strategy, creative development, and production/delivery departments. We are committed to continuously improving our processes as we plan for growth.”

As a member of the team, Derek contributes a strong analytic and logical approach to the table.

“I’m detail-oriented and enjoy applying data and numbers to effectively manage business structures and address goals and opportunities,” he said. “By analyzing information and making data-driven decisions, I’ll contribute to the team’s overall success. As I work remotely from my home base in Atlanta, I’m dedicated to ensuring that our strategies and actions align with objectives, producing positive outcomes for the Strateligent team and, above all, for our clients.”

While Derek’s workday is all about facts and figures, he also knows what is important beyond the office. He enjoys traveling extensively with his children and getting out in nature to go hiking. He also claims to be an “okay” bowler.