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All in a Day’s Work: Arden Osborne (with an “e”)

Passion for web design spans decades.

As a graphic designer, Arden Osborne designs digital display ads and graphics, as well as traditional print ads, billboards, and sales tools. But his unique ability is his passion for web design, which began when home computer ownership was on the rise.

arden osborne“My brother-in-law showed me the Beatles band website he made and I was awestruck— immediately hooked,” said Arden. “He showed me the ‘steering wheel and gas pedal’ of web design and there was no turning back. I took it full throttle from there.”

Today, Arden has become a graphic and web design specialist who enjoys employing his skill set to create client projects for both online and traditional platforms.

While he admits that parts of web design are technical production and not as creative, he especially enjoys when the project reaches the artistry of combining design, color, and layout. When he is deeply involved in the project and the rest of the world falls away, “I know I’m sitting in the right seat.”

Seeing his web design/development work in action—“taking an artistic idea and breathing life into it”—is the favorite part of his job. Arden’s first web design project with Strateligent was the new website for Region V+ Mental Health Initiative, which needed to include a lot of content. His goal was to make it look good, while also making it easy for the audience to find the information they needed.

Corporate and agency experience complement Strateligent’s team.
Arden has many years of experience in working for various agencies and large corporate settings and brings the perspectives and work ethic gleaned from both to the Strateligent table. He understands that the creative endeavor of graphic or web design hinges on the parameters of the project, and must be customized for each client, whether they are a large or small company. At Strateligent, that all starts with the communication plan and art direction.

“The Strateligent value of ‘adaptable’ best describes me, both as a person and as a creative. If a tree is too stiff it will break in the wind,” said Arden. “I can softly push canoes out into the water and explain why I made something the way I did, but I need to adapt the graphic design or web assignment to what the client needs, which is all laid out in the communication plan. Above all, they don’t want cookie-cutter design—that’s why they came to Strateligent.”

When Arden brings his skills and experience to a new client project, he appreciates having the support of the entire Strateligent team. From art direction before beginning a project, to working within the deadlines and collaborating with copy writers and design—working together allows him the freedom to push beyond his own ideas and to fulfill the goals of the client’s communication project.

He’s continually challenged and invigorated to keep abreast of new trends in the industry. He reviews well-designed websites and graphics or he explores the creative edge being pushed with Webby awards to spark his own inspiration to spin off and create something unique.

When he’s not working, Arden writes his own original music and lyrics. If you’re lucky, you might find him playing guitar and singing in a local, up-north establishment.

Region V+ Mental Health Initiative