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7 ways to improve your hiring process with digital advertising

These days, many businesses are understaffed and struggling to find new talent. Gone are the days of placing an ad in the “Help Wanted” section of the local newspaper and receiving a flood of qualified applications. Fortunately, the digital tools you use for marketing your products and services can also be used to market your business as a top-notch employer. We’ve highlighted seven digital tools you can tap into to reach more candidates and fill positions.


1. Post job openings on your company careers page.

If someone really wants to work for you, the first place they’re going to look for openings is on your website. Using your careers page is also a great way to collect resumes and applications for future open positions. Encourage people to apply for placement on a hiring list or allow people to sign up for notifications when a position is posted. This way, in the future you’ll have a list of candidates ready to be contacted.


2. List open positions on job-seeker websites

General job-seeker sites like or can be some of the first sites prospective employees use to seek new opportunities. These sites usually allow employers to post open positions for free (and sometimes offer paid options) and allow candidates to apply directly from the job listing. Your company may also have access to an industry-specific job-seeker site—making it easier for you to connect with those who have experience or education in your industry.


3. Let your social media followers know you’re hiring.

Facebook allows you to post job openings to your business page for free, and you can post about your openings, too. A social media “we’re hiring” shout out gets in front of people who are already familiar with your company, though not necessarily those with the skills you’re looking for. An organic social post also lets your followers easily share with their networks or refer people who fit the qualifications.


4. Build a custom landing page or microsite.

Your careers page may be enough to get someone to click the apply button. But if you’re seeing a dwindling number of applicants, you might want to try building a job-specific landing page or microsite tailored to specifically to the audience you want to hire. These off-shoots of your website give you the space to change up your message for potential employees – explain your mission and values and how it translates to the job, describe the work environment, offer real employee testimonials, provide key facts about the community, and of course, list the benefits. Check out to see the recruitment microsite we developed to help Graphic Packaging International recruit 70 new positions (and counting) in a short amount of time.


5. Geo-fence prime locations.

Do you know a competitor that is reducing its workforce? How about a college that specializes in your industry or in the specific position you’re looking to hire? With geo-fencing and location targeting you can serve digital display ads to people in locations where your ideal candidates are most likely to be found.


6. Use SEM.

Search engine marketing can be used for just about anything—including recruitment. Paid search ads within a target location can help make sure your company appears towards the top of Google search results for job searchers.


7. Take advantage of social media advertising.

A paid job ad on Facebook or LinkedIn allows for more niche targeting outside of your page’s followers. It certainly costs more than organic posts, but these types of social media ads generally produce higher quality leads. Of the two, LinkedIn tends to cost more but also offers more robust targeting capabilities.


Define your culture, retain your employees.

As a nation, we are currently going through a time period being called the “Great Resignation,” as employees are no longer willing to work under the same conditions offered by employers pre-pandemic. Simply doing work, day in, and day out is no longer enough to keep your “first-round-draft-picks” engaged long term. Employees are looking for more—culture, purpose, and values that align with their own. We’ve helped many businesses redefine who they are and create a work culture aligned with their mission and goals.


We can help.

As a full-stack digital agency, Strateligent can help you with digital recruitment tools, deploying targeted campaigns, tracking conversions, and analyzing your results. Contact us to see what we can do together.