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3 Simple Questions to Help Understand the Future

Can you predict the future? Of course not. But you do have the ability to understand what your customers are currently thinking and to use that information to find out what we, as business owners, could all do to better serve them.


Over the years we’ve seen countless surveys, but we’ve never received better customer feedback than when we’ve asked three simple questions.


1)    What do you like?

2)    What don’t you like?

3)    What would you change?


These can be hard questions to ask because sometimes you don’t want to hear the answers. But the only way to predict the future is to ask in the present and plan and improve accordingly.


You don’t need to launch this as a social media or eMail campaign. But as opportunities present themselves, ask a question. Not only is this good relationship building, but as you seek and find solutions you just might revolutionize the way you serve your customers.


Today, our product is our product. But how we take care of our customers—how we know their needs before there is a need—is what positions our businesses as favorable.


Think about these questions. Put them in action. And use this Monday Momentum to make it happen!